Find files created today on linux

Especially if you are looking for hacked files via the server console or just need an overview of your backups, there is a very good little parameter at find. This is a very nice way to find files created today. Now this command is different from the following command. The -daystart flag tells find to … Read more

Easy roleback/downgrade XCode on MacOS

Sometimes as a developer you stuck in some very tricky problems, especially as an visual studio developer. So best way is to downgrade to an older version of XCode. First of all, you must delete/deinstall the old XCode. Go ahead into the applications folder (Click on Finder icon > On the Sidebar, you’ll find “Applications”, … Read more

MySQL database repair

If you need help, you can simply ask me via the contact form. I would be happy to repair or check you database/tables. MyISAM tables Check The client mysqlcheck is used to check your MySQL database. This checks, repairs, optimizes and analyzes tables. The mysqlcheck utility can be run while the MySQL server is still … Read more

How to install OwnCloud 10 on Debian 10 Buster

ownCloud is a flexible, self-hosted open source PHP web application. It can be used for data synchronization and file sharing. ownCloud is one of the best alternative for Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, iCloud and other cloud platforms. It have a lot of benefits, to self host your storege cloud like better privacy and storage limited … Read more